Steps per day

Lord Saru

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I talked to my nutritionist regarding healthy number of steps per day, and for my body weight, he recommended 15000 steps a day.

Since then, I have joined the 15k club. Do you walk around so much? Counted your steps? Tell us more about your walking habbits.


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Hi I use to walk 3 blocks dont know how many steps that is but since back surgery and now up coming knee replacement I cant do much scared to gain weight I am on aa losing streak thougth kinda not eating a lot staying away from starchhes and sugars


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Good thing I have this app on my phone ,that came installed when I bought the phone,that counts my steps automatically everyday. From what I can see by looking at the data from the app I average around 10k steps daily. Sometimes I stay all day inside so no steps recorded but there are some days where I make up to 20k steps. I don't usually walk just for the sake of it but I enjoy walking home when I get out in town instead of taking the bus.