Sensitive to certain beauty or health items


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Are you sensitive to any items such as soap or sprays? I know spraying sprays around asthmatics is not good and some autistic people can get really sensitive over these kinds of things. That being said though, you do not have to be disabled to feel this way.

People with eczema also have extreme sensitivity soap. I think this is me so I always try to go for some nice sensitive soap with also vera just to be on the safe side.


I'm not suggesting this will work for you, but it cant hurt to give it a try. Dermol Lotion as a soap substitute washing solution and a general skin care slap-it-on type of product. My GP has been prescribing this for years to treat my intermittent psoriasis and it works fine for me. Be careful with it in the shower though as it can make the base a tad on the slippery side. I do suffer with COPD + asthma and the Dermol does not effect me.