Is anyone psychotic?


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I’ve just calmed down today after calling a crisis hotline and doing some therapy exercises, guided meditation, breathing exercises and yoga. So, the slightest question from anyone else, I’d take it as “bossing me around”. Because I’m also paranoid and have BPD, I always take it as a personal offence anything and harassment. Life has been a little overwhelming with the birthday celebrations around the house, I’d like to personally apologize to all for my rudeness. But since I have Asperger’s, I’ve no idea about how to deal with my angry outbursts and etc. I’ve called someone on the crisis hotline today. My apologies everyone.


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Perhaps you could find time to explore your Third Eye Chakra (its the sixth) and with someone who can patiently guide you through the technique. With an open and balanced third eye you will feel equally attuned to both the physical world and the driver of the inner you.
Anger not only attacks your inner you but also will gradually destroy your physical body.

Namaste Naiwen and may your guiding spirit forever watch over you.