Is anyone paranoid?


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I’m always thinking that everyone is angry at me and talking about me behind my back. Will even listen to them talk just to check if they’re talking about me behind my back at all. I’m paranoid to this extreme with everyone around me.


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I'm sorry to hear you get very paranoid. I get paranoid sometimes, it tends to come and go for me. It's worse when I'm stressed.

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i understand how you feel i also have extreme paranoia where its hard for me to go outside my house without looking behind my back i'm paranoid that people are out to kill me due to what happened to me in middle school i'm also paranoid that everyone is just being nice to me to get close to me so they can murder me when i'm most vulnerable so yeah i understand whats its like to be paranoid a lot it effects me 24/7 if anyone ever need help i am available everyday at anytime as long as i'm awake


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I'm not paranoid, but I do get very anxious when a bout of AF has me in it's grip. Sometimes a bout can last all night so next day when I finally get back into sinus rhythm I'm shattered 👎