Investment goals

Lord Saru

New member
When I was looking for investment options, I was wondering what my investment goal was. Primarily, I want to lead a safe post retirement life and to get a pension on a monthly basis.

But investment options and goals vary people to people. What are yours? How did you invest to align it to your requirements?


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My goals were fullfilled by my employer. I retired as a grade 7* civil servant at 60 on max pension of 50% of my best year taken from my best year of the previous 5; I am now 77. I also add by occassional freelance work for a London media & publishing group. The rest of my retirement income comes from property rentals which were purchased throught my working life. . . . now taxation is a different matter and at times I feel as though I am seen as a a sitting target cash cow!

Joshua Farrell

Staff member
My goals for investments eventually, is to raise up enough in savings, to finally take out a couple of good yield bonds. Still working on it, but I am getting there. :)