How many hours of sleep do you get?


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They say sleep is one of the most important factors to general wellness, cognitive function and growth/repair - So, how many hours of sleep do you try and get each night? And do you think it improves your overall wellness?

I use to aim for 5-7hrs each night, but started to find myself getting really lethargic and grumpy so expanded to 8-12hrs each night and am feeling much better generally as a result.


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I like 9 but I have been averaging 6 1/2. It isn't enough for me, but I wake up too early and can't get back to sleep, or it's 6 1/2 with a nap included.


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8-9 for me as well. My body's adjusted to a time so I don't even need an alarm except to wake with my husband before he goes to work.