Data privacy

Lord Saru

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As days go by, we find that public nd private corporations are commodifying data. The moment I think about a brand bew shoe, displays a fashionable shoe with an enticing discount offer.

But at the same time, we find that we cant enjoy the the social security benefits given by government and other institutions. In this backdrop, do you think sharing data is a necessary evil?.


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This is one of the many reasons why I do not own a smartphone and never will do. If you do not put it out there, nobody can use it against you. Its the same with internet banking .. if you do not have it, then nobody can access your account; it really is that simple.


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While I like some technology, I do not do any of the Smart devices. Even if the company doesn't sell your data, the point is they HAVE your data. On my forum just today I posted about Roomba. How it maps out your house so it can clean it better. Well, that data is out there now. That info can also be hacked just as easily as our email & bank accounts. I don't like to use Google nor Facebook as they sell your info.
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