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    New Consoles Recommendations?

    I absolutely love the switch. It's jist so convenient!
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    Do you use a VPN?

    Ocasionally I do but I dont wanna drain my phone battery too much.
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    Laptops or Desktops?

    I guess it depends what for. For web surfing and doom machines, laptop. For playing games more advanced than doom, desktop. 🤣
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    Hi how is everyone?

    Hi how is everyone?
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    count to 1,000

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    Word association

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    3 words story

    with machine guns!
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    Hell yeah, I think this is probably the most organized way to lay out a community. :)
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    Your current mood?

    I'm feeling pretty damn good.
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    count to 1,000

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    Favorite hot Beverages?

    Mmm that sounds wonderful. :)
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    Who else here just loves forums and forum software in general?
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    I really should pop on more.

    I really should pop on more.
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    My Moderation Policy!

    Oohhh I was really confused for a moment. I thought it was like what I did on one of my discord servers where the only rule was "respect the rules" lol
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    A new Style!

    Yeah I really dig how they look!